"Don’t do that. Don’t skip stages in your life. You’re 19, kiss a few boys and wear your heart on your sleeve. There will come a time when you’re 39 and stuck in a suit, wondering why the hell you were so eager to grow up in the first place."
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disturbing behavior (1998)

Kasper Sonne - Untitled Sign No.2, 2008

There’s just no place in-between for us to meet.

Arctic Monkeys - 505
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Had a blast at warped tour Chicago today, thanks everyone for showing us so much love.

A Day To Remember’s crowd
Vans Warped Tour - July 19th, 2014
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So happy I was able to spot this guy in a crowd of people during BFS yesterday, it made me so happy. Blessed to say I’ve got the chance to meet him twice! Sounds cheesey but he’s sorta an inspiration to me. Even with a brain cancer he stays positive and continues to do what he loves, I loooooove him. Until next time.. ☺️#charlestrippy #wethekings #ctfxc
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